Some Questions for Creative Problem-Solving

Some Questions for Creative Problem-Solving

Practice-of-CBH-Cover-3From The Practice of Cognitive-Behavioural Hypnotherapy (2012) by Donald Robertson

When faced with a specific problem, try asking yourself the following structured set of questions:

1. What specifically is the problem?

2. What specifically is your goal?

3. What have you done in the past to cope with similar problems?

4. What haven’t you tried yet?

5. What would you advise someone you care about to do in a similar situation?

6. Think of someone you respect or admire. What would they do?

7. What do you think people you respect would advise you to do?

8. Who could you approach for help?

9. List all the other resources you can draw upon to cope?

10. What would a creative person do?

11. What would a wise person do?

12. What would a courageous person do?

13. What would be the easiest thing to do?

14. What would be the most effective solution possible? What’s the ideal solution?

15. Overall, what do you think the best or most realistic solution would be?

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